Get CRAZY Arm, Back, Shoulder Flexibility – in 5 MINUTES

How did I get CRAZY arm, back, and shoulder flexibility? By doing these stretches! Super duper easy. Takes 5 minutes!




As HIGHLY requested, I’m making written, printable instructions for all my YouTube workouts and videos.  You should DEFINITELY watch the tutorial – I explain lots of concepts, modifications, and more! – but this is a good guide to follow, if you’re on the go and need a quick review of the workout.



  1. (Warm up) Power walk with good posture! (15-30 seconds)
  2. Shoulder Shrugs: 0:15
  3. Hand-on-hip: 0:10 each side
  4. Both hands on hips + arch backward: 0:10
  5. Swing arms front-to-back: 0:15
  6. Swing arms “Touchdown-to-Low-Touchdown:” 0:15
  7. “Bird Wing” Arm flaps: 0:15
  8. “Resistance” above-the-head Arm Pulls: 0:15 each side
  9. Side Reaches: 0:15 each side
  10. Breaststroke arms: 0:15
  11. T-motion mini-arm-circles: 0:15
  12. Fast punches in ALL directions: 0:20
  13. Snow Angels: 0:20
  14. Handstand/Touchdown Walks: 0:20 (walking with your hands above your head)




Hope you like this workout! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave requests!





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