How to Become Really Flexible – Without Stretching! PART 2

Splits? Yeah…NO! Painless, easy, beginner-friendly way to get super flexible.

Believe it or not…there are FUN, PAINLESS ways to get super-flexible! I’ve tried – and can vouch for – ALL of these. Here’s a breakdown of the exercises I teach you in the video.

1. Walk with CONFIDENCE. Shoulders Back, good posture!

2. Arm Swings! Opens up your shoulders and flexes your back muscles.

3. Tie your shoes without bending your legs! This gives you a good calf and thigh stretch.

4. Crab Walk!

5. Downward dog!

6. Spider Walk!

7. Ballerina walk – toes turned out!

8. Stand on one foot – tree position!

9. Pretend to be a Ninja! High kicks, punches, the works.

10. Super fast punches in all directions!

11. Jump Rope!

12. Dance and SHAKE THOSE HIPS.

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