How to Become Really Flexible – Without Stretching!

Get Flexible WITHOUT STRETCHING. 20 easy ways you would never have thought of!

Don’t want to do splits? Don’t want pain? Totally fine! Watch this video and find out how to get super flexible WITHOUT STRETCHING.

So many people don’t really like to stretch, or do splits. I don’t blame you…since you’re probably making these mistakes/missing out on these exercises! I wrote them out below – but WATCH THE VIDEO for more in-depth info on each.

Enjoy! Refer to the following list for the main pointers in my video.


1. Fix that posture! Elongate your spine, align your shoulders, great for upper body, arm, and shoulder flexibility.
2. Don’t sleep with pillows! Keep your body FLAT on the mattress. This will allow your spine to decompress properly – and prevent muscle cramping in your back.
3. Don’t lean against the back of a chair! Squeeze your abs in and support your own weight. This will force you to fix your posture and stretch out your back!
4. Don’t look down at your lap to text. Or read. Bring everything eye level, so that way you can’t cramp your neck and shoulders downward.
5. Up and down shoulder shrugs!
6. Shoulder rolls!
7. Neck rolls!
8. Calf raises in:
  • parallel,
  • turnout,
  • turn in!
9. Walk in heels to get a calf stretch!
10. Bend…and snap! Remember legally blonde?
11. Monkey bars are great! So are leg swings and pull ups. Don’t forget to try my cheerleading/dance jumps workout to improve that!
12. Stand at your desk! This is a good way to keep your muscles active and blood pumping.
13. Lunge onto your desk! 1 foot on the desk, one on the ground.
14. Wear comfortable clothes when you do stretch! Trying to stretch in jeans is a little tough…trust me.
15. Of course, stretch whenever you can! Try this routine to really get your muscles workin.’
There’s a Part 2 to this video. Make sure you watch that!
Want me to make a Part 3? Comment and let me know.
Thanks for watching and reading!
Much love,

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