SPLITS TUTORIAL: Learn Side Splits in ONE DAY?!?

splitz thumbnail 3

Super FAST, EFFECTIVE splits tutorial! Note: this is for side (right and left leg) splits. You can learn this in one day – work hard, train insane, and BELIEVE in yourself! youtube.com/americancheerqueen


My recommendation: WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST, so you can get an idea of the exercises.

I added visuals of the most effective stretches from the tutorial below. Bear in mind, that it’s WAY better to follow along with the tutorial – for instructions and modifications you can do for each stretch.

Scroll over each photo for duration/recommendations on how long to do them.

Feel free to modify anything as needed!

Tweet @ERICALINCHEER if you have questions.

INSTAGRAM @ERICALINCHEER for more fitness and stretch-spiration.




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