How to get MIDDLE SPLITS in 1 DAY


Believe it or not, you CAN learn your middle splits in just one day! You will have to put in a bit of hard work, but trust me, it WILL pay off. Learn my secrets, tips, tricks, stretches, and exercises here.

Yes, this workout is a challenge – but SO worth it. BELIEVE in yourself, and you CAN do it!

Some tips:

1. Don’t try this after a tough workout! You’ll be too tired and wear your muscles out.

2. Do everything with PROPER TECHNIQUE! Even if that means doing fewer exercises, or breaking the workout up into parts.

3. If you’re 6 inches or closer to the ground, have someone push down on your thighs as you let go of the ground.

4. Modify anything as needed – according to YOUR body’s needs! Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have.


Straddle Leg Lifts + ANKLE WEIGHTS 25 reps 2 sets
Straddle holds + ankle weights 0:30 3X
Center lunge + shoulder twist 0:30 2 sets
Center lunge + Arm swing/dips 0:30 2 sets
Center lunge holds 0:30 2X
“Side Slider” splits 0:30 3X each leg
Butterfly Squats 0:30 3X
Sit on legs + Knees turned out 0:30 3X
Alternating “Side-Slider-Splits” 0:30 3 sets
Super Wide Straddles 0:30 3X
Flat Body Straddles 0:30 3X
Straddle Ab Burpees 0:30 3X
Slide into splits! 90 SECONDS 3X

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